Where we stood unique?

Here,at the end of 1949,

Dropping a bomb ignited a cold war,
When Peace was the only search,
Smell of smoke was their only life,
Nuclear weapons- a quest for Nations,
Bomb topped the luxury list,
There we stood unique;
Ramayana and Mahabharata
told the story of disasters called war
Includes the chapter of all the rulers.
Landing of rising sun gave an Identity,the bomb
Rest of the developments were by Russia,                          
Demolishing both by their own birth,
There again we stood unique
I’m ‘you’ and you are ‘me’
Holding onto this path, sticking to his words
Violence, oh violence!!!
It gave us victory
There we stood unique
Our ‘father of nation’ taught our nation
There we still stand unique
Bringing the end- echoed ‘ahimsa’ everywhere.
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